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However much he described Judith's clear, digital voice as 'sultry' and 'lovely,' hearing it as he woke suddenly made him bolt upright in his bed with a gasp of alarm. Breathing heavily, his dream flashed vividly in his mind, wide baby-blue eyes looking all around he tried to process it as less real than it had felt just moments ago.
Nightmare. Hellish nightmare. Fire. Rock. The mission... and outpost on Mercury.
David ran a shaky hand through his long black bangs and down to the back of his neck, following his full, dark hair to where it tapered off just above his shoulder blades. His head was pounding, like something between his temples was twisting tighter and tighter... His neck felt burning hot, so much that he could feel waves of heat coming off of it. Weird. That had never happened before. He pressed his lips together, trying to process all of this through sleepy eyes.
Judith. She'd woken him up from another nightmare.
"W-what happened?" he asked anyway, his
:iconmorethanmusic:morethanmusic 1 7
JUDITH -- Story dabble
David looked up, one hand still on the input pad and the other on the paragraph he'd been simultaneously reading from the reference pages scattered around him. "Captain Carnot," he said, realizing who had called his name as his eyes fell upon the aging man's knowing face. Pushing back from the desk, he whirled his chair around to face his captain, crossing one leg over the other and unassumingly crossing his arms over his chest. "What can I do for you, sir?"
Captain Nicolas Carnot, a tall man with graying hair a firm build, had his hands folded behind his back, his jacket open to expose the gray sleeveless shirt all officers wore. The uniforms, deep navy blue with red lining, had golden buttons, half of them decorative – more for Carnot, who often didn't have his buttoned up. There were the typical decorations for a starship captain on it, but the posture of his shoulders always made him seem less snobbish than the other captains that David had known. David preferred to
:iconmorethanmusic:morethanmusic 1 4


Draw it again challenge: *Centaurs in Love*

Actually a “Draw It Again Challenge”, but the old version is so ugly, I didn’t want to post the two pics together! XD >.> But I can link to it:

The dark skinned one’s horse half is supposed to be a Fiord horse. But I just recently found out about a horse color variant named “Zebra Dun”, and it would fit just as well!

The ginger one is… I have no idea! X3 Red/Gray/Bay Roan?? 
Ren, the Magician [Circus AU 2/2]
...and here comes the second artwork to my Kylux Circus AU! :3 Ren, the Magician~! Lion Tamer Armitage Hux you can find here ----->
....OMG I couldn't stop thinking of Howl while drawing him! XD

Most generic Magician outfit ever.... >.> XD I'm just not good with drawing clothes, folks, so...yeah... Forgive me! X3
Lion Tamer Hux and Millicent [Circus AU 1/2]
My contribution to the Kylux fandom: Lion Tamer Armitage Hux and his pretty tigress Millicent!

Taken by the Kylo x Hux ship, I just -needed- to draw them, sooner or later! :heart: And because there was a Circus in our town, I suddenly had the idea of creating a Circus AU for them~! (Sorry if that AU already exists... I don't know of one and I certainly didn't mean to steal the idea)

The second artwork of this set of two is Magician Ren~! You can find him here ----->
I had this idea some years ago and only just now took it up again and turned the sketch from back then into a coloured artwork. A Plesiosaur Centaur! :3 (I know the Plesio body seems too small for the human body... >.>)
This is the first PS coloured underwater artwork I EVER did so have mercy with the rather simple coloration... I just can't draw on the PC damnit...
Kevin on the Grid
This is Kevin, my friend's Tron OC, the bold ISO~! *luvs his pretty face* :heart: X3c

*shamelessly uses the same background I used for my very first (terrible... XC) Tron related PC colored artwork* >.>

The circuitry should be lavender... I hope it shows.


Visit my Cillian Murphy fanart website: cillian-murphy-fanart.homepage…

Current Residence: The Grid
Favourite genre of music: Synthie Pop, Eighties
On Monday, the 28th of May, I made one of the most exciting experiences in my life: I saw Cillian Murphy's phenomenal play Misterman and I even met him personally ! Possible made this someone I met through the web, who could manage to arrange a meeting with Cillian via his agent.
I hope you enjoy my little report about that day:

It was hot !
The weather. ;) Cillian's play too, of course. But the first impression of London I got was the heat, burning my brain and sucking out my energy. Which was little already because of the tremendous excitement that constantly kept me in a state of speechless overwhelming. Quite energy-absorbing, this kind of excitement, I can tell… ;)
Actually we were unbelievably lucky… with just everything. The weather, apart from the heat, was beautiful and at night it was nice and warm.

Meeting up with a bunch of girls and fellow Cillian fans I met online, was exciting already.
On Sunday we were doing a little bit of sightseeing through London. Starting from the National Theatre (oh my… I was shivering at the mere thought of Cillian having a matinee right at that moment!!) taking the tube, wandering through Soho (I think it was Soho… please correct me if I am wrong LOL) and "Chinatown". The impression that planted into my brain the most was the enormous diversity of London. Sweet old buildings squeezed in between ugly modern ones… people from all cultures and shapes mixed up in huge crowds rushing through the streets and the narrow tunnels of the tube's underground system… What a tempo, what a heat and what a rush!

And then, on Monday. THE day. We were staying in a lovely, shabby little hotel with friendly staff, right beneath a housing complex calling "The Murphy House". Just a funny coincidence?? I don't know LOL
On Monday afternoon we were still waiting for the details of the meeting. We were on pins and needles, as you can imagine ! And as we were lingering around the periphery of the hotel, eating a little something (I wasn't really hungry, to be honest. I think you can understand ;) ) We finally got the text message that made me nearly cry of joy and relief: Cillian will meet us AFTER the play!!

Finally, after figuring out what clothes to wear – decent and not too revealing but also light enough so that we wouldn't had to sweat – we drove to the theatre with a taxi. Then we were stepping into the theatre, taking our seats. It was magic… In a few minutes we would see Cillian Murphy !!

And then the safety curtain was rising… revealing Cillian, standing in the middle of the stage, breathing hard, dressed in an orange rain jacket, the hood wrapped and tightened around his face so that only his enormous beard was sticking out of it, giving the awkward impression of a grown up, beardy Kenny from Southpark. LOL
Finally it began… That amazing, breath taking happening calling Misterman. Or … no, actually it was Cillian happening. Like a phenomenon with unfading energy he was taking over that stage. I am not experienced with theatre but if this isn't one of the most fascinating stage designs that had ever existed, then I don't know… And Cillian was using every part of it, was running and climbing and jumping across it like mad.

Sometimes he was even interactively building out the stage and adding some details to bring different scenes to life, was emerging a meadow with enrolling a pad of fake grass, was creating a café with spreading out a red and white checkered tablecloth on a table and "conjuring up" a cheesecake.
His different impersonations were genius, intriguing, hilarious, funny and breath taking. What Cillian can do with his voice, his gestures, his body language, his mimic, is simply amazing and the ability of a true, dedicated actor who offers every part of himself to his role and his performance.
And while playing these different characters he was always in different areas of the stage, which were, with the help of significant details only, illustrating the location. A simple chair creating a living room, some enlightened crosses in the back a cemetery, a shower suggesting rain… Simply amazing!
It was story telling at its best! The visual aspects and the design, the sound, the acting, the structure, the story… They just used everything possible to tell this story.

Misterman… The story of a young, ill-minded religious fanatic with a wrong view on the world and "good and evil", desperately trying to fight the deadly sins in his hometown, but ending up being nothing but a sinner himself. That's at least how I understood it. So forgive me if I saw something wrong in it.

Thomas Magill… what a character… Somehow still a naïve child, funny and even sweet sometimes, but dangerous in his insanity. I felt disgusted by him at times, deeply sorry for him at others. Almost a bit like I experienced Pig in Enda Walsh's "Disco Pigs".
The stage itself… I had the feeling that it was also an equivalent of Thomas Magill's mind… Rusty, dirty, rundown and stuffed with pieces of memories in each corner of it, captured by recorders, like voices in his head, repeating everything he had ever witnessed… dogs barking from the outside and mysterious noises and knocking, making Thomas rage, and music suddenly playing, music that he couldn't switch off, even not with covering his ears with teddy bears. Memories, voices, experiences bothering him over and over again…?

I know one thing: That I want to see this play again. To dive even deeper into this story and to discover even more of all the aspects and meanings of which I am sure Enda Walsh had placed them into it. I have the feeling that it is a deep story. Multilayered even. Deep, intriguing, fascinating and dark, like Thomas Magill's mind.

Then, the end… One of my friends pulled my arm. What? I was still paralyzed with awe… Ah! Standing ovations! Yes, sure, of course!! But – ah ! – one second of shock: My skirt was slipping up my thighs as I stood up. How embarrassing… eeek… I hope nobody saw it. LOL
Stunned like a deer who had just gazed into the lights of a car approaching, we all left the theatre. And the best encore was yet to follow: The meeting with Cillian! Excited as hell we were lingering around the stage door where Cillian's agent told us to wait.
Then, HE came in sight! Accompanied by his agent, he was stepping out of the stage door, dressed in blue and stripes, freshly shaved, his hair still wet a little. With our knees shivering we were approaching him, and believe me, my mind wasn't really grasping what my eyes were taking in so easily… Cillian Murphy, only one step away from me! But somehow, he was so normal, so down to earth and so sweet and kind, that I didn't have the impression of standing next to a "star" or a celeb, not one single time. He showed himself exactly the way he wanted to be seen as: Just a normal guy. Who happened to have a talent that made him famous...

Then the introducing and handing out of presents we had prepaired, got iniciated.
"Nice to meet you," Cillian said as he shook my hand with a firm grip, some strands of hair falling into his face, hiding one of his famous light blue eyes, his neck bended a little, like a shy boy meeting a stranger. My eyes were locking with his for one moment… magic! "Nice to meet you," I returned.

Visibly tired from his exhausting performance and also seeming to be a little overwhelmed and intimidated by the amount of fans gathering around him, but patient, gentle and very polite he was giving every fan around autographs, was receiving our gifts and letting us take photos with him to forever capture that moment of unbelievableness.
The everlasting topic about his height… what is there to say from my point of view…? He isn't a tall man, yes. But he isn't tiny or meager either. Not a single bit! He is very lean and muscular, giving the impression of strength and health and manliness. ;)

As it was my turn to hand him out my presents – an original portrait drawing and copies of my "At Murphy's Bar" comic – the surreal-ness of this moment had reached its zenith. His words as he looked at my "Capa-hair portrait": "That's very good." Or something like this. Don't ask me about accurate details, LOL I am happy enough that I didn't faint at that moment. And: "I'm looking older now." Believe me, if I was more nimble witted I would have returned with the words: "You still look the same." LOL
As I gave him the comic then I actually was about to explain that I already sent him this a year ago and wanted to ask him if he ever got my fan letter from his agency. (I have the fear the didn't got it… :P) But there was such a crowd around us and also Cilllian's agent was reminding us that Cillian didn't have much time, what I understood completely, so I just left it and gave him the comic with quickly explaining, clumsily and stuttering, what the comic is about. He said something like: "That's actually very good!" I was in heaven! What a feeling… this comic, on which I spent so much love and dedication, in which I put so much admiration for his work, is now in Cillian's hands, the man that inspired me so much, hopefully raising a smile from him while he's reading it.

Suddenly, Cillian's agent told us that Cillian had to go now. But I had no autograph yet!!! That's why I took my Jonathan Breech drawing with me, to get it signed by him! I could have slapped myself…  But – luckily! – as Cillian had disappeared, his agent quickly returned to gather all the things left we wanted him to sign. So in the end, I got my autograph! You can take a look at it in my gallery.
I really hope, we didn't overran him… ;) I can't deny feeling a bit sorry for him to be suddenly faced with so many fans. I can only express my deepest respect and thankfulness towards him for being so patient and polite with doing something he actually is not into that much.

After the magic moment was over, we were searching for a place to have a late dinner. Difficult thing, for even the vivid city London seems to be quite strict about serving dinner that late… Luckily we found a Pizzeria at the boardwalk of the Thames. And guess what we had for dessert? CHEESCAKE !!!

Staying one day longer, because my boyfriend was with me on this trip for we had the crazy idea to add a visit of the "Phantom of the Opera" musical, I let this amazing journey fade out with an English breakfast. AND brown sauce!

Also in my coffee, you ask? Oh yes, I simply had to!

Delish !!

(erm… no… not really… LOL)

Here you see two photos of me, handing out my drawing to him:……


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Danke für's Watchen!
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Thank  you so much for your Favorite on my Animorphs art. It means so, so much to me. :heart: :)
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Hey there! I just want to say that I love the way you draw and create Mermen! All of your other art is just as amazing. You just earned a watcher:D
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Darf ich weiter führen? Family Business - A Dragonball Soap

Es geht um deine FanFic und deinen Douji Family Business - A Dragonball Soap.
Ich bin immer noch so traurig darüber das es nicht mehr weiter geht :(
Und würde doch so gerne wissen, was es mit Vegeta und Freezer aufsich hat.

Ich vermute einfach mal das Gohan, den Sex zwischen Freezer und Vegeta damals
auf Namek gesehen hat oder? ⊙.⊙
Aber irgendwas ist da noch geschehen, hat Freezer sich auch noch auf ein kleines
Kind gestürzt?? glaube ich eher weniger (Fantasie dreht durch) ≖.≖
Aber etwas muss da noch gewesen sein, sonst würde Geta nicht zur Flasche greifen.

Wie geht es mit Bra + diesem Pepe weiter werden die beiden noch wirklich ein
Paar, wird er sich vielleicht doch noch zum guten ändern? und sein Vorhaben in den
Wind schießen das er nur an ihr Geld will?? ⊙.⊙

Und vor allem was wird aus meinen beiden lieblingen???????? Gohan und Trunks.

Oder die arme Bulma?? :( 

Grad bei der besten Stelle hast du aufgehört *seufs* ich kann es natürlich verstehen
Privat und Familie + Freunde stehen ganz oben auf der Liste.
Ist ja nicht so als wenn ich ein Unmensch wer ^^"
Aber ich verfolge deinen Douji immer noch und liebe ihn immer noch und ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ GOTT ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿
Ich möchte sooooooooooooooooooooooo wahnsinnig gerne wissen wie es (hätte)
weiter gehen können. Bitte verrate es mir doch ಥ_ಥ ಥ_ಥ

Na ja das wollte ich fragen ^^" und dir sagen das ich diesen Douji immer noch Schätze und Ehre ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Ich würde FanFic sehr gerne neu schreiben und dann auch vervollständigen wenn ich nur wüsste
Kurz und Knapp wie es weiter gehen würde.

Ich würde mich wirklich wahnsinnig über eine Antwort freuen.

Megaloceros-Urhirsch Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh Gott, ich sehe jetz! Du hast mich gewatcht! Auch wenn das so was kleines ist, ich bin total über happy! QAQ
Eines meinen Göttin hat mich gewatcht! T____T
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where is more of your artwork - The Boy and the Beast?? I recalled there is 4 more??
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A moment of your time please... ;P
Cillian Me Softly
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